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Are you coming to Puerto Limón on a cruise ship?
We propose you to organize your day in Costa Rica.
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Puerto Limón
Puerto Limón

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TOUR # 1
Tree of Life Animal Rescue Center & Punta Uva Beach


From Limon we will drive along the coast, it is a nice sightseeing.
Punta Uva Beach is well known as the most beautiful Beach on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, with its golden sand, turquoise blue water, it is protected by coral reefs and safe to swim, (it is possible to rent snorkel gear and Kayaks for 10 $ per hour) No showers or seats are provided, but you can wash off in the river nearby, (A refreshing experience),
Time at the Beach will be about 2 hours.
We will drive through Puerto Viejo, which is the most touristic village on the coast.
Then in the afternoon, we will visit "Tree of Life" in Cahuita.
This Tour is perfect if you would like to see lots of animals from close up, get to know them better and support this center, that rehabilitate mistreated, injured and confiscated animals to be reintroduced in their natural habitat when possible. They have several species of monkeys, sloths, raccoons, pecaris, coati mundis etc.

About 7 hours Tour.
Rate $85 per Person.
Include transportation, guide, entrances, drinks, fruits and local Snacks.
Punta Uva

TOUR # 2

Make chocolate with an Indigenous Bribri Family and relax at a Waterfall

Let´s go visit a Bribri Family. Have a look into their lifestyle, culture and extensive knowledge of plants and Nature. Experience fresh cocoa that you will roast and grind it yourself and enjoy their stimulating ancestral drink. On the way back we will make a short hike down to the "Dos Aguas" Waterfall, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. On this tour you will for sure see some poison dart frogs...

Tour takes 7 hours.
Rate $85 per Person
Includes transportation, Entrance fees, drinks, Fruits, local snacks and English speaking guide.

TOUR # 3
Tortuguero Canal and Cahuita National Park


From Limon we will drive north, to the “Tortuguero Canal” (15 min. ride).
From there we will ride on a motor boat through mangroves. We will look for wildlife such as birds, iguanas, howler monkeys and sloths. We may even see crocodiles or caimans.
After this unforgettable canal adventure, we will visit the Cahuita National Park. After a 45 minute drive along the coast and through banana plantations we will reach the little Caribbean village Cahuita adjacent to the Park.
There will be about 30 minutes hike through the park’s tropical Forest, to get to the best place to swim and rest. It is a clean and flat trail along the beach, and we almost can guarantee seeing monkeys and sloths.

Tour takes 7 hours.
Rate $85 per Person
Includes transportation, Entrance fees, drinks, Fruits, local snacks and English speaking guide.
Mono Cariblanco


TOUR # 4

Boat safari and Canopy or Jungle Hike


At Moin, close to Limon starts the Tortuguero Canal where a motorboat will take us on a photo safari through mangrove forests, where you will have plenty of opportunities to observe different types of birds, reptiles and mammals like sloths and monkeys. After a fruit snack on the Beach we will drive to a tropical rainforest with huge ancestral trees. In this forest we will go on a small hill where you will experience a panoramic view of the area and ocean.
From there you can choose between 2 activities. The first option is a canopy experience. There are 12 platforms and on each of them there will be a well-trained guide that receives you and assists you further. The second option, if you prefer to see the forest from the ground, is to hike downhill with an English speaking naturalist guide who helps you understand and interact with the forest and its inhabitants. (The trail is about 1 mile long).
At the end of either option, we will meet at the Restaurant area.

This tour takes 7 hours.
Rate with Canopy $109
Rate with jungle hike $85
Includes drinks, transportation, guide, boat ride and local snacks.

TOUR # 5

Puerto Vargas and Waterfall

Puerto Vargas is the name of the Southern part of the Cahuita National Park.
Since 2017, an attractive new trail on stilts is open. This area is less "crowded" than the main entrance. Along the path, which ends on the Beach, you will see lots of Fauna and Flora that your Guide will bring you closer to. This hike takes about one hour. If the weather permits, you can have a dip in the ocean. You will enjoy freshly farmed local fruits before we continues on our day to a nice Waterfall called "Dos Aguas " where you can have a refreshing swim. The hike goes downhill for about 10 minutes. Often we see some red poisoned dart frog along the trail.

This Tour takes 7 hours.
Rate $85 per Person
Includes transportation, Entrance fees, drinks, Fruits, local snacks and English speaking guide.
Puerto Vargas

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You can also call at Cel. (506) 8637-5141.
Let us know you’re arrival date, which tour you are interested in, and how many people are coming with you.
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